Monday, May 19, 2014

We are the Architects of our own Happiness

Hello Everyone!!
This week was ridiculously hot! Sister Okanoue and I were not looking forward to being out in the heat, but we aren't supposed to use our car during the day unless we have a set appointment. And we really wanted to be exactly obedient. So we biked in 105 degrees for a least 2 days this week. Luckily it was a little cooler (as in 98) the rest of the days. Finally, on Saturday, it cooled down a lot and this week it should be cooler. It was the worst but at the same time I know that God sees our efforts and we were able to talk to more people since we were out on our bikes. 
This week was kinda rough. We have been working really hard and had a few return appointments but they fell through. Then a less active we have been working with decided she didn't want us to come by anymore (i think she got offended but someone in the ward) And a few other less active lessons fell through. And we are back to the bare minimum of finding so that's been kinda hard cause I kinda feel like I'm whitewashing all over again.
But on a good note we had 2 really good less actives lessons. One was with a single mom who comes to church off and on. We taught her part of the first lesson and was able to hear her story about how when she had cancer a while back she really had to trust God. We also talked about prophets and gave her a conference talk to read. After the visit she texted us and thanked us for the lesson because it was really what she needed. 
Then last night we went by a recent convert and he wasn't home but he less active mom was. We ended up talked to her for a while and teaching about how God is always watching over us and willing to bless us even when our circumstances seem hard. I also bore testimony about attending church. She told us that she really wants to come back especially to support her son. We hadn't realized but her sister who is also less active was listening from the other room. After our prayer at the end she came in to talk to us and said she is thinking about coming to church again too. It was awesome!! I just hope we can really get them to commit because in the past they have had the desire/good intentions but when the time comes they don't always show up. 
There is a Japanese couple in our ward who takes us out for Japanese food sometimes. Now that Sister Okanoue is in the ward they really wanted to take us out to this sushi place. On Saturday we went with Brother Matsuo and his son and grandson. It was so fun. It was a lot more authentic then some other sushi I have had but it was really good. It was a "revolving sushi bar" . So you sit down around this bar table and there is a conveyor belt going around with lot of different kinds of sushi and clams and sashimi and a bunch of other good stuff. So when it comes by you you just pick up whatever you want and then you pay at the end by the plate. I tried some of the raw fish which wasn't bad but it was kind of too vinegar-y for me. It was really cool to eat there and of course Sister Okanoue loved it.
This week I was reading this talk that I really love (We are the architects of our own happiness by Elder Gerald Causse) and part of it talks about trusting in the Lord's promises. I have really been trying to do that especially lately since we have been working hard but haven't really seen the result we hope and pray for. One night this week we had a return appointment with a potential. Our district had been trying to really support each other with finding and so we asked the district to pray that we would be able to pick up this lady we were hoping to teach as a new investigator. She ended up not being home. For the rest of that night we worked really hard to find a new investigator but we didn't. (in fact we ran into another basher, man those guys are annoying, the trinity doesn't even make sense, but anyways . .) So I was thinking about how faith is being obedient over time. It means trying to do what the Lord asks and being diligent even when we can't see the blessings or the immediate results. The Lord promises us that he will bless us if we do his will, but He also asks us to trust in His timing. I know that there are people in our area that are being prepared. I know that we will find people we just have to be patient (patience is hard but I feel like that is something that my mission has required of me a lot). 
I know that this is God's work. That His priesthood and authority are on the earth. That God is the source of all truth and that he will teach us and guide us if we but ask. That faith is action and it requires consistent effort to follow God and to show that we love Him by obeying Him. God knows us and He knows what we need most to grow and reach our potential. His love is infinite and unconditional and He is always mindful of us.
I love you all! Thanks for your prayers!!

-Sister Washburn

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