Monday, September 8, 2014

Still in Buena Park

So, no surprise I am staying with Sister Culala for another transfer here in Buena Park and finishing her training. I can't believe I am starting my second to last transfer!! The amount of time it takes to train a missionary is the amount of time I have left on my mission. 
So this week was pretty good. We found, we taught, we had no one at church (but we are working on it! you can only influence people's agency so much) And our favorite 93 year old got baptized!!! Sister Eves had a really nice baptism. Two of her non-member grand-daughters came. The talks on baptism and the holy ghost were really good and not too long. The one on baptism was about burying the old man of sin in the water and rising out of the water being a new man alive in Christ. And Sister Redding who is a great speaker talked about the holy ghost how she felt it when we was holding her son for the first time and how she felt that she would one day have a daughter and then ended up adopting 3. It was just cool to hear her personal stories about following the spirit. Elder Henry baptized her and did a great job (she only had to be baptized once) A lot of her friends from the ward and even some from back when she used to be a member were there. Overall it was just good and the spirit was definitely there. On Sunday she bore her testimony about how for the past 30 years she has been searching for the right church and now she is finally back were she belongs. And Robert blessed the sacrament for the first time!! He did such a good job. He also got a calling to be the gospel principles class president. And he just finished reading 1 Nephi in the Book of Mormon (he takes his time so he can understand). We're just so proud of our recent converts!
This week we went out to lunch with Juana. She the non-member neighbor of a member in our ward and she loves having the missionaries over but says she isn't ready to take the lessons. We always end up talking about the gospel though so hopefully she will open up to it. It has been so hot and humid this week. It 's been horrible. September is the hottest month here so 90 degree weather mixed with humidity is not my friend but we're missionaries and we work no matter what so I  put up with it. But I can't wait until cooler weather. I want to wear cardigans and scarves so bad. (also that would switch up what I can wear because I am really tired of my clothes) 
So ya, other than that just a typical missionary week. Sorry if my letters are sometimes boring. I think that I am just so used to missionary work at this point that it doesn't seem like anything too exciting happens even though there is probably some thing you all would be interested in hearing about. I'm just so used to it now that it just seems normal. Also by the time Monday rolls around i have forgotten some things.
But we did have a good lesson with Anthony we talked about the Book of Mormon and explained what the story of Lehi's family is about. After the lesson Sister Hernandez pulls out her quad and starts reading the articles of faith with him, and we didn't even suggest it. So that was cool. There just seems to be something that comes up every week on Sunday to prevent them from coming  but for some reason I feel like we just need to keep working with them and teaching them and it will happen eventually. Also that day had been hard for me, I was just kinda frustrated because members kept dropping from coming out to lessons with us. But as soon as we got into the lesson and we were teaching I felt way better. I felt like I was right where I needed to be, helping this family and bringing the spirit into their home. Missionary work is not easy but those moments where you can feel that you are truely helping people and changing their lives in any small way, make it all worth it.
We're ready for another great transfer! Love you all!!

-Sister Washburn
                                                                          At the park
Eve's baptism

and it rained today and it rains like once every 6 months here so it was a big deal (also we are in a drought so it was really needed) 

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