Friday, June 28, 2013

This was another good week. Sister White and I went to the swap meet which is like an indoor market and they have a lot of California t-shirts so I will have to buy one sometime. We invited an in active couple to come to church and they said they would come but they didn't show up so hopefully next week. We also went to visit one of the in active sisters. She said she had had a really hard week and was thinking about calling us when we showed up at her house. She has been dealing with family problems and health problems but it amazes me how much faith she has. She has been through so much in her life but she turns to God in her hardest times. It was great to talk to her and to see her faith. We were working with an investigator but it looks like she still isn't ready to commit (she's been investigating for 3 years) Its hard because we can't make people have the desire to change and follow Christ we can only invite them to do so. She used to be in gangs when she was younger and has completely changed her life around (and is practically mormon she knows a ton about our church) She told us if we were ever in a bad situation that she would come and pick us up! (she knows everyone) That was comforting because a few of the areas we work in are a little . . . well ya don't worry mom i'm safe but there are certain place we don't go at night. Honestly I have never felt as safe as I have as a missionary and I know that the Holy Ghost protects us. Anyways we also have the cutest little family (a couple and their two kids)that a couple of elders found a while ago. They are out of town right now but I really hope they are ready for the gospel because they I can already see them as members of the church. We had a tune-up meeting this week with all of the missionaries that recently came from the MTC so it was fun to see my old companion and the other missionaries from my district. Also there were 3 new missionaries one from Mexico, Argentina, and Israel. The one from Israel moved to New Jersey when he was a teenager and converted from Judaism to our church a year and a half ago. (really cool to meet missionaries like that!) I also went knocking for the first time this week! It was actually kind of fun and we found a guy who seemed kind of interested but who knows. With the new mission changes I think they are trying to phase out knocking so at least I got to go once! Our ward also had their big chili cook off this week. The young men did the hakka (and it was legit because practically all of them are tongan) and the young women performed a tahitian dance. It was good to get to know more of the members at the activity. We sat with the Sheperd family. Most of the family is inactive except for the grandma who is really active and the mom and one of the daughters who come to church now. They are awesome and super outgoing (Sister Sheperd is like the white version of the "ain't nobody got time for that" lady, she even says that all the time) The sister missionaries are like their family, if we don't go by one week they start asking if we are okay because they love having us over. The missionary broadcast was amazing!!! I think that if members realize just how important they are in missionary work, we will be able to bring so many more people into the church. I love being a missionary and I love our church! I love how in one of the talks they said that if we invite our non-members friends to church out of love and concern for them, they will never feel offended. Missionary work can be intimidating but if we open our mouths the holy ghost will help us know what to say. Also the more we talk to people about the church the easier it gets! This is how full time missionaires become better. We practice all the time teaching, invitng people to do certain things, and talking to random people ono the street. All of the missionaries are here to do all they can and help the members in their missionary efforts. The message of the restoration and the plan of slavation can change lives. I am so grateful to be a member of this church and to serve the Lord as a missionary. Have a good time at Lake Powell!!
Love you!
Sister Washburn

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