Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Last week!

How was Lake Powell? You will have me send me some pictures. I got grandma and grandpa's email saying you are in Utah now. This was kind of a slow week. My companion got sick so we only got one lesson in one of the days and a lot of people are out of town so it was hard to get in contact with people. We thought 3 of our less actives would come to church which we were really excited about but non of them ended up coming. So hopefully next week otherwise we might have to drop them. We are starting a book of mormon study class with the elders in our ward for less actives and recent converts or for members to bring their non-member friends. So hopefully it ends up going well! Also our new mission president got here this week which is exciting! We are going to meet him on Wednesday and have a zone testimony meeting. Tonight we are teaching a family and we really hope that they are interested! There are a couple of members in our ward we have had dinner with who have had some recent missionary experiences so hopefully they find people we can teach soon. Also there is a sister in our zone who is from Thailand so last p-day she taught us how to make some thai food, and it was really good! It has been really hot here and since it is humid too it feels really sticky and hot when we are out walking. Luckily the members load us up with water bottles when we stop by. We read the Book of Mormon with a lot of people to start them off so they can read on their own. I don't know how man times I have read 1 Nephi in the past few weeks. One of the things I love about reading in Nephi is the incredible amount of faith that he had. Time and time again in  numerous difficult situations, Nephi chose to turn to the Lord and have faith that things would work out as the Lord guided him. This contrasts with Laman and Lemuel who would complain or try to get out of doing hard things. As a missionary having faith is so important. If we have faith and rely on the spirit the Lord will help us in our efforts and lead us to those who are ready for the gospel. I know when we act in faith the Lord will help us with whatever we need. I will try to take more pictures I just don't know what to take pictures of. (there are pretty much just houses and a few restaurants in our area) Have a good time with the cousins in Utah.
Love you all!!
Sister Washburn

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