Monday, July 15, 2013

First Progressing Investigator!

Hi everyone!
I'm glad you guys had a good vacation. That's cool to hear about all of the mission calls. I had no idea the sisters wanted to go but they will be awesome!!!!! (it's cool they're going to the same country) I have by bike I just haven't really used it yet. Sister White has a bad back so we get to use the car more or we just walk. Sister White usually drives but I went on splits with Sister Black when Sister White had a meeting and I got to drive. Ya I think sending letters to the mission home is better than giving you my apartment address since we get switched around so much. The zone leaders pick up the mail and give it to us at district meeting on Thursdays. We are only allowed to write letters on Mondays so I won't be able to write a letter back right away. Transfers are tomorrow. They happen every six weeks. Usually you stay in an area for 2 or three transfers. This transfer they are making a lot of changes which surprised everyone because the President has only been here for a couple weeks. We are getting new zone leaders, our district is different because they are splitting our zone in half (it was really big), and sadly Sister White is getting transferred. :( So I'm staying in the same area but I'm getting a new trainer. It will be interesting because she doesn't know the area but she is also training me so I will have to update her on the ward and everything. The elders in our ward are getting transferred too so I will be the only missionary out of the 4 of us that knows the area. So this will be a crazy week, and I'll let you know how everything goes. This last week flew by. I have my first progressing investigator!!!! Her name is Leslie, she is in her early 20s and she has a 3 year old son. She has a catholic background but there are some things she doesn't like about Catholicism. We taught her the first lesson and she said that she would get baptized!! We are giving her a church tour this week and hopefully she keeps progressing. We just got trained on how to do church tours and they are actually really cool! We take people around the building and show them each of the rooms and explain all of the classes and church groups. As we go around we show them the pictures on the walls in the halls and teach a lesson as we go and use the pictures to help them learn more and show them how we believe and teach of Christ. Then we end in the chapel and we tell them to focus on how they feel as they walk into the chapel. I'm going to be honest, I have felt the spirit when listening to a talk or music in the chapel, but I don't think I've felt a huge different when I walk through the doors. As we've practiced doing tours I've felt the spirit so strongly each time we enter the chapel at the end of the tours. It as really strengthened my testimony that church buildings really are houses of the Lord. As we go into the chapel with our investigators we tell them that the difference they feel is the spirit. Then we let them ponder for a few minutes and then we bear testimony. Then we invite them to kneel and pray with us and to specifically ask God if this church is true. We did a practice tour with each other and it totally works!! People can really feel the spirit in the building and will be able to receive a more clear answer when they are away from the distractions of the world. Another less active came to church on Sunday which was great. On Sunday was the departure fireside for the missionaries that are leaving this transfer. Sister white is leaving a week early for school so she bore her testimony. It was great to hear all of the testimonies. All of the missionaries who came (if your companion isn't in the program you have to bring an investigator in order to come) sang "We'll Bring the World His Truth." Nothing like 50+ missionaries blasting the investigators and members with that song to get them all misty-eyed and excited about missionary work. :) There was a baptism this week for the Elders in our ward's investigator named Dan. After the baptism a lady from the Lakewood ward came up to talk to me and she served in Arizona years ago and Grandpa Washburn was her mission president!!! Her name is Sister Deister and she said that she even visited the house in Page for a mission reunion. So it was neat running into her. Last p-day we ate lunch at this really good thai restaurant and district meeting this week was on 7/11/13 so 7eleven was giving out free slurpies. Last week a lady in our ward took us out to eat and I got really sick after (food poisoning?) so I'm trying to be a little more careful of what I eat. (people feed us some random things sometimes so its kind of hard) That's one of the things I miss about the MTC. We didn't have to cook and we got to chose what we wanted to eat. That's funny that everyone is moving to St. George. We just ate at a lady's house this week who is from Honduras and she was telling us how great St. George is and how they are probably moving there soon. I got Tawni's wedding announcement. She looks gorgeous of course and I am so excited for her and Jeff. Well, have a great week! The church is true! Have faith in the Lord and in his timing! Try to be more like Jesus!
Love you all!!!
Sister Washburn

 Me and Sister White
  This really really tall palm tree in front of a tiny house made me laugh.
There are tons of really tall pine trees here.

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