Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July

Hello everyone!

This was a good week. We have had roommates for the past couple of weeks because the other 2 sisters in our district were living with a ward member but it didn't work out. Sister Black was in my MTC district and Sister Jessop is from American Samoa. It has been fun having more people around and last p-day we went clothes shopping just like old pre-mission times (it was weird). This week for the fourth of July we were walking to a less active's house and we passed by a big hispanic family eating in their front yard. They asked us if we wanted to join them and my companion said yes. It ended up being really cool! They feed us carne asada and some other good mexcian food and aguas frescas. We talked to them about missionaries and what we do. Some of them didn't speak a ton of english (some of them were from Peru) so they were teaching us some Spanish. They were really nice and we are going to send the Spanish missionaries by to see them next week. Then we had dinner with a lady in our ward at the park. After that we were walking around figuring we would contact since everyone was busy. As we were walking a car pulled over to the side and a guy rolled down his window. He was like "I just want to thank you missionaries for everything that you do because a couple of you saved my life a few years back and I just really appreciate it." We talked to him a little bit more so it was random but cool. Then around 8:30 all the fireworks started. People like to do their own fireworks here so there was a ton of smoke and explosions everywhere it felt like we were in a war zone so we went back to our car and decided to go home. (some people have these illegal fireworks that sound like bombs, they are super loud) When we got back to our apartment we could see big fireworks everywhere. You could literally stand in one spot and just turn in a circle and you could see fireworks in the sky all around. So the fourth turned out better than we were expecting. :) Also there is a less active lady that we read the book of mormon with and she is dating one of the members. He carved me and Sister White each pens out of wood and he stained mine blue (since that's my favorite color) It's really cool. Sister White had a training meeting this week so I went on splits with Sister Black and Sister Puttapong. It was during our morning studies so we didn't have to go out but Sister Puttapong was telling us about her home in Thailand and how there are lots of elephants and stuff where she lives. She is a temple square sister so she will be going back to Salt Lake next month. Then on sunday two of the less actives we visit came to church!!!!!! It was so good to see them there. One of the ladies Sister Edes hadn't been to church in 20 years and the other sister works weird hours and doesn't get much sleep so it was a sacrifice for her to be there. It was so awesome and I feel like being there and taking the sacrament and feeling the spirit really will help them to realize the importance of coming to church and how it can help them throughout the week. This up coming week is the last week of my first transfer! The days go by slow but the weeks are flying by. I also can't believe that I wake up at 6:30 every morning. Not being able to sleep in has been an adjustment but I really believe that the Lord blesses us when we are exactly obedient. I know that as we do what the Lord asks that we will be blessed. Even doing the small things day by day will show the Lord that we are committed to him. I have been studying the recent general conference talks as part of my studies and I am so grateful for a prophet on the earth today and leaders who are inspired by God to teach us. I know that by following what the Lord says we will be happier and will find comfort and peace that only the Savior can give. Love you all!! Hope you had a good vacation!!

Sister Washburn
^^^This is some of the sisters in our zone (sister black, sister fulgim, sister jessop, sister monson, sister white, sister puttapong, and me :) it was funny cause the 2 asian sisters were really excited to celebrate 4th of july.^^^

^^^when we went shopping at old navy last week and we didn't realize we all bought the same shirt until we got home so we all wore it to district meeting^^^

^^^random picture of me walking in Norwalk^^^

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