Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello everyone!!
This has been a crazy week with transfers and everything. Also the two sisters that were living with us got an apartment so they moved out. My new companion is Sister Reinsch. She is 25 and she's from Nebraska. She has only been out for 6 weeks longer than me and I'm still in training so its kinda crazy. She really nice, our personalities are more different than me and Sister White so it will take some time to get used to a new person. Also we have had a couple of disagreements because we were taught to do somethings differently and we're both still trying to figure stuff out since we're both greenies so that has been a little hard. Now that we have been together for a week we are getting along better so things should be good. My new mission president is great! He and his wife are from Wyoming and they are super excited to be here. Also Sister Tew, the mission president's wife, is able to be a lot more involved since all of their kids are grown while Sister Bubert still had two high school kids living at home. I think this is really good since there are about 50 sisters in our mission now when 6 months ago there was only 12! My new companion loves knocking so we have been already been knocking 4 times in the 6 days we've been together. Suprisingly we got two return appointments out of it. One of them is a young dad named Aaron who has two little girls. He played football at Weber State and so he has known some Mormons. We gave him the first discussion and he was really open to it all, he said that it made sense that God would have prophets today and he said he would read the book of mormon. We haven't met his wife yet who he said is strong in another church so hopefully her heart will be open so that we can teach them both. He gave a really great prayer at the end of the lesson (he basically already prays the same way we do which was cool!). Also we met a girl in her 20s who said she was looking for a new youth group because her church moved so hopefully we can talk to her some more (she wasn't there when we went back). We were meeting a member at a park for dinner on Wednesday and they were running late. A guy came up to us and we started talking with him and he asked us for a book of mormon. Neither of us had one on us! Usually we have a ton in our car but we had taken them out since we had been moving stuff. Luckily he said we would meet us at the park the next day and we taught him the first discussion and gave him the book of mormon. He was really opened to it, but we'll see how much of a desire he has to learn more (i think he is interested in learning about our religion but I'm not sure how interested he is in changing) I'm pretty sure he is a reformed gang member (there tend to be a few of those around here, they are randomly really nice people just with a rough past). He is really nice but we had the Elders contact in the park while we taught the lesson just to be safe. :) So ya we have a lot of new investigators, hopefully they will continue to build their desire to know more. The new Elders in our ward are awesome, they are also our zone leaders so they are just good missionaries in general. (Sister Reinsch and I are going to learn all of their secrets because they have a lot of experience and are good at a lot of things) Also a member of the ward took us out for dinner to a Korean barbeque restaurant. It was so good! They have little grills in the middle of the table and you just order what meat you want and then you grill it yourself. The waiter brings you rice, rice paper (kind of like an egg roll wrapper), a bunch of dipping sauces, cabbage, and kimchi to make little wraps with the meat. I ate a ton because the member that took us is Tongan so of course he ordered a ton of meat. We managed to eat most of it though. We aren't using technology yet but one of the Elders in our zone said we are supposed to be getting ipads soon. ( I think we are but I'm sure sure how soon it will be) It has been a lot cooler and even a little rainy here the past couple of days. It's weird because it is overcast a lot because the ocean is near by but it hardly ever rains. This has been a really tiring week but we can take naps on p-day so I am totally taking advantage of that! Glad to hear that you are all having a good summer. I got your letters and pictures in the mail so I'll write back to you today.
Love you all!!

Sister Washburn
This fine establishment is right across the street from our apartments. Looks like a Mexican restaurant but its actually a Chinese restaurant, welcome to California.

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