Monday, February 17, 2014

Transfers- Cypress

So this week was like 100x better than last week. We got a member referral, contacted some people who said we could come by and teach them, and a bunch of members are inviting their friends to the activities this week. So hopefully there are some people to teach soon. For Valentines day it was a totally normal day but there is this cupcake shop in our area owned by members so we got free valentines cupcakes. Also we had two YW come out with us that night so that was fun. I also got to go on exchanges to Whittier. The sister I was with is a greenie who came out with Sister Le. Her name is Sister Aliki and she is from Tonga. She is so funny, we had a good time. We biked all over like there was no tomorrow trying to visit some less actives. And we kind of got lost a couple times cause she didn't know where we were. And there are some huge hills there. So basically I better have buff legs after that. And then that night we went to visit a less active and her husband was totally drunk and he tried to hug us on the way out and it was awkward and ya (i hate having to deal with drunk people) So after exchanges I was like "Man I am so grateful that I'm in Fountain Valley." I have been having a feeling that I was going to stay here next transfer and so I was just thinking about how I was going to do things here next transfer. Well we got transfer calls that night and I am getting transferred to Cypress!!! My new companion is Sister Madsen (she is a missionary that came out with me) and we are whitewashing! That means that the two sisters there before us are leaving so we are going to have to figure everything out ourselves because neither of us have served there before. So it will be a lot of work but I'm excited. So then on Sunday at the beginning of sacrament one of the counselors announced that me and another elder were getting transferred. I almost started crying after he said that because it really just hit me that I will be leaving. I have served here in Fountain Valley for almost 6 months. I didn't realize how much I've come to love the ward and people here. It was hard saying goodbye to everyone. Especially since I had had a feeling that I would stay longer I don't think that I was as ready to hear that I would be leaving. It definitely hasn't been the easiest area, but I've grown so much and learned a lot here. Also the ward here is so good, sitting in sacrament meeting there feels just like home. So ya I'm pretty sure Sister Le is sick and tired of me saying "I don't want to go" because I said it at least 50 times yesterday. I'm really going to miss it here but I think I am ready for a new area and it will be really good for me. Well next week I will be writing to you from Cypress!!

Love you all!!
-Sister Washburn

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