Monday, February 24, 2014


This week was transfers and things got crazy. So I found out the night before I moved that the companion I was supposed to have decided to go home since she has depression/anxiety. So the next morning I found out that I was going to be in a trio with some of the other sisters in Cypress. It was weird leaving Fountain Valley (Sister Le cried when I was leaving-I'm gonna miss my little trainee) but at the same time I am really ready to just move onto a new area. So for three days I was with Sister Perry (one of my friends!) and Sister King. They live with these really nice members and I got to teach their investigator who got baptized this weekend. 
Then on Friday they moved Sister Shipman to Cypress to be my companion. She is from Arkansas and shes been out for 6 months. We live with some members and they are so nice! Their name is the Leazenbys and their house is kinda small (well I mean after living with the Hokes of course it is) There are 3 bedrooms and we have our own bathroom. It kinda feels like we are their children though because we actually live right there in their house and use their kitchen and everything. They have an orange tree in their backyard so this morning we made fresh orange juice and it reminded me of when grandma and grandpa would make orange juice at their house in Arizona. 
Since we are whitewashing we have just been trying to meet people. We have met all of the recent converts, a lot of less actives, and some of the ward council. We went and visited one of the counselors in the bishopric yesterday and his son is on a mission in Bosie.  He is a bodyguard for Johnny Depp! (its moments like these where I'm like, oh ya I live in California). Other than that its been a little hard because we have to figure everything out and get used to everything on top of trying to find people to teach (sadly they didn't leave any investigators behind). But this area has already been a lot easier to talk to people and we have a few referrals that hopefully will turn into something.I feel really good about everything though and we are going to start working really hard to get things going in our area.
Love you all!!!

-Sister Washburn

Bye Fountain Valley "a nice place to live"
"Hello" Cypress with Sister Shipman

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