Monday, March 3, 2014

1/2 Way

Oh. my. goodness. I am officially halfway done with my mission! When did this happen?!? Everyone says once you pass the halfway point it flies by. (its already been going by faster and faster each transfer) This week we were able to get know a lot more of the members which is good. Last sunday I felt like I got introduced to tons of people but i didn't remember any names or anything. We have been doing a lot more finding and everything since we don't have any investigators right now. It is a lot easier to talk to people here and a lot of people have been really nice. It's just been kind of hard to get people to commit to taking the lessons or to set a solid appointment with us. Our zone leaders and our district leader have been helping us out a lot which has been really nice. One thursday our zone leaders had a mini training for us on white washing which was really helpful and at the end they asked us to pray and ask heavenly father if we are supposed to be here in Cypress right now as companion in this exact ward. I got a feeling that I was, but I will admit I kind of just brushed it off like "Well ya Heavenly Father always puts us where we need to be." The next day we stopped by a potential investigator. She was really nice and said now wasn't a good time but we were welcome to come back and teach her. She was also telling us about her wayward son and how she just wished that he could feel gods love. Before we left I asked here if we could say a prayer with her. In the prayer I asked heavenly father to help her son to feel God's love and to know that his family loves him. At the end of the prayer the lady's eyes were all watery and she said that were were angles because she really needed that today. To me it was just a testimony that me and Sister Shipman really are here to help people to come closer to Christ and to feel His love. On Thursday we went on splits with 2 awesome ladies from our ward. I went with the new RS president and she is awesome. It has taken a while but I think that the sisters in the ward are starting to be more interested in coming out with us and stuff. Then on Saturday I went on exchanges with Sister Andelin in our area. She has pretty much been my STL my whole mission and she is the best! I really look up to her as a missionary. We were out biking all over and talking to tons of people. On our way to one of our less actives houses it suddenly started down pouring, then hailing, and then it stopped all within like 2 minutes. We showed up to her house soaked and if we had been out of the rain for just those 2 minute,s we would have been fine. There are always adventures on exchanges I feel like. Then we went and saw some potentials and taught the plan of salvation. They totally loved it and agreed with everything we said. Then at the end we said we would like to come back and teach about the the restoration and the book of mormon. The minute we said book of mormon the wife started saying how she would never believe in anything but the bible and how we wouldn't convert her. So that was interesting, but they were really nice and told us to stop by anytime. So things have been good so far. It has been kind of hard balancing meeting members, teaching the less actives and recent converts, and trying to do a ton of finding while still learning where everything is and gaining the members trust and learning how to teach and work together as companions. But so far its been good  and we are trying out best and working really hard. This week we had a training about how church is a revelatory experience. As we take the sacrament we should believe that our sins have been forgiven and that we can start a fresh week and remember Jesus Christ in all that we do. We should believe that Heavenly Father can give us answers to our questions through church. I got so much out of church yesterday, when I took the time to really think about that and to ponder some of the questions I had. I feel like the things I learned really were answers to prayers. 
Love you all!!!

-Sister Washburn

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