Monday, March 10, 2014

exchanges, "finding", gospel brings peace

This week we did a lot of finding. We are trying to talk to as many people as we can. A lot of our appointments fell through but I feel like we are doing a lot better at finding so I know that we will be able to find people to teach soon. We gave talks in church and I wasn't even that nervous about it so I think it went pretty well. I went on exchanges in Whittier with Sister Oler who grew up in Hawaii and New Zealand. She lives in Utah now and she is a tall samoaan volleyball player. On our exchanges we found them a new investigator! It was this high school girl named Sierra and we taught her the plan of salvation and she wanted to learn more. I could feel the spirit was there in the lesson and when she prayed at the end it was so great! We also talked to this guy who wanted to bash with us and kept telling us that he has studied Mormonism and he is pretty sure that he knows more about our religion that we do and that we worship the wrong Jesus. Basically he tried to be all theologial on us and some of his points didn't even make sense and he said that we really need to look into our religion more so that we don't go to hell. And we were just like "Well we've prayed to God to know if this church is true and we recieved a witness from Him that it is so we are going to stick with our religion." It was just ridiculous the guy wouldn't even let us talk really so ya some people's hearts are just too hardened. We also went on splits with 2 sisters in our ward. The girl I went with is a single lady named Stacy. She look like she is hispanic but she is really Dutch and grew up in Holland. She kind of has an accent because she lived in England for a long time too. She told me her conversion story that was really cool. Her dad was abusive when she was young and so her mom divorced him. Her mom was searching for a church for a long time and finally one day 2 sister missionaries knocked on her door. At first she was really sceptical about the book of mormon and everything but she prayed and knew it was true so she joined the church. Then Stacy was living in Canada at the time but she started taking the lessons too. She felt like after all of the crazy things that have happened to her in her life she finally felt peace.  It was really great to go out and work with her. Other than that we are just trying to work as hard as we can and be obedient so that the Lord can bless us with people to teach.
love you all!!

-Sister Washburn

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