Monday, March 31, 2014

"Life is the time to discover who we really are"- My Birthday- & Earthquake!

So last week I was really sick. I got a sinus infection which had me out for a couple of days and then for the next 3 days we would go out and work for a while and then I would come home and sleep and then we would go out for a while and then I would come home and sleep. It was the WORST. I hate not being able to go out and work. Also that is the longest I have been sick on my mission so it was weird for me. But I am better now! 
I was sick on my birthday but I still got your packages and everything so that cheered me up. We had district meeting that day so everyone sang to me. I also had to go to the mission office to see the nurse and so they sang to me like three times when I was there. There is a super awesome member that I love and she made me some cupcakes. Then that night at dinner the family we ate with made root beer floats. There are a ton of people at that house so it felt like we were in cheaper by the dozen and they all sang 5 birthday songs cause it is a family tradition. So overall it was a good day even though I didn't feel 100%. On Saturday my companion and I went out to eat with a few other sisters as a birthday lunch so that was fun. We went to this place were they have cake shakes which were really good.
Also I felt my first earthquake!!! It was so cool. We were planning Friday night for the next day and suddenly there was this huge rumbling sound. At first I was like "what the . ." And a few things started falling off the shelves. It was crazy! It wasn't too huge only around a 5.2 or something but it was cool to finally feel an earthquake. There have been a bunch of smaller ones since then but I have only felt a few of them. 
We taught Connie this week and she has been super busy but really opened up to us about her family and how she wants to make God a priority in her life. She is still wary of changing religions though, she wants to learn and to have God in her life more but she isn't sure that she wants to join our church. So we are going to pray and think of a lesson that will really target her needs and hopefully she will come around. We haven't seen Abraham in a while since he has been sick. In all honesty I think he likes learning and feels the spirit when we are with him but I think that he is planning on staying Catholic. We are having a dtr with him our next lesson though to see how he feels about baptism and our purpose as missionaries and everything. We have been getting a lot of referrals lately so hopefully they turn into something. We had high hopes for this week but then when I got sick we didn't get as much done as we had hoped. 
This week is transfers. Sister Shipman and I are staying together in Cypress which is what I expected. Cypress has been so good for me to be able to learn how to be a better missionary so I really like it here.
The Women's Conference was really cool. I kinda wished the talks were a little longer because I think they shortened things to make it more visual. But it was really fun to have all of the younger girls there. I sat next to this lady whose daughter is one a mission, so that was good especially because she was missing her and didn't have anyone to do the cheesy mother daughter smile that they wanted you to do with. So don't worry mom she got you covered. At the end of the conference our stake had an ice cream social. 
We visited our less actives Corina who is a single mom with a little 2 year old. She loves our visits cause we read the book of mormon with her and she says it really helps her throughout the week. She has been going to church in another ward so that is good. We have also been teaching Rhonda the lessons. She has 2 really cute grand kids. I think she really does have a testimony she just doesn't come to church for some reason (maybe because her husband isn't a member. Also Sister Griswald came to church again! Her nephew called us and told us that if we can help her get temple worthy he will fly her up to Utah to go through the temple. That would be so great!! Her health isn't the best so hopefully that won't get in the way. 
This week I have been thinking a lot about how God just totally understands us. He has known me for a long time! Way before I came to earth He knew who I was and what I can become. I love that! I love that He just gets us. He knows our weaknesses and the things that we are trying to overcome. He knows our talents and the ways we can help others. When we feel like no one really knows the real us, He does. And He knows how to help us and what experiences we need to become our best selves. I heard a quote I can't remember who it is by that says that "life is the time to discover who we really are." I can't remember if I mentioned this in another letter but I got a blessing a while back and the Elder said that I have the traits of being nurturing and loving and these are characteristics I will have for all of eternity. I was like "wow". I love how God know the things about ourselves that are traits that we are developing now here in earth and things that are a part of our eternal selves. Well maybe I'm getting kind of deep but anyways Heavenly Father knows you, don't ever forget that!! 
Have a good week! Love You All!! Thanks for the birthday stuff!!

-Sister Washburn

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