Monday, March 17, 2014

An Investigator! New Converts & Re-activating

This week was great! We have still just been trying to talk to as many people as we can. We also got a new investigator! His name is Abraham and he is 14. He loved the Joseph Smith story since he is the same age and he really likes the Book of Mormon. The only setback I forsee is that his family is Catholic and they actually go and he is supposed to get his confirmation soon. So far his parents haven't minded that he is taking the lessons. In the next lesson, we are going to commit him to be baptized so, we will see what happens. We have also been trying to get better at teaching every night so, we were able to visit a lot more of the less actives and recent converts in our area. We had a really powerful lesson with one of our recent converts. She has such a strong testimony and is so willing to do whatever the Lord asks of her. After the lesson she said she wanted to invite her friend to the next lesson. She was like "This is the only church where I have really felt the spirit and I know that it is true. I just want to knock on everyone's door and tell them how great it is!" I love recent converts!!  We also started teaching a less active Sister Griswald the lessons because she wants to be active again and become temple worthy. It is great to see her testimony and how she has been through a lot in her life but it has taught her to trust in the Lord. We ran into another basher when we were out walking. My comp tried to stand up for what we believed but the guy was just saying all this stuff about the book of mormon so I just made us leave because he wasn't even worth it. We also talked to a jehovah's witness. Usually they are pretty nice probably because they do missionary work too so they kind of know how it is. And we talked to a lot of people in between so hopefully some of them will commit to the lessons. I know that there are people in our area that the Lord has prepared and we are going to do our best to find them! Our district leader has been helping us a lot too with getting better at finding. He is going home soon so he knows a ton and it has been so helpful! Also random fact: Knotts Berry farm is in our zone and so we drive past it to go to Walmart on Mondays. Anyways have a good week! Love you all!

-Sister Washburn

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