Monday, March 24, 2014

One Crazy Week

This week was crazy! On Monday our zone had a badminton tournament for our zone activity. Considering that I have never played badminton in my life I think that Sister Shipman and I did pretty well. Then that night we got a new investigator! Her name is Connie and she's baptist but I can totally see how the gospel could bless her life. She loved learning about prophets and the restoration. She also read Enos in the Book of Mormon and loved it because prayer is something that has meant a lot to her in her life. She says she's not looking to convert but when we invited her pray to know if what we had taught her was true, she agreed. I think that if she is really sincere about it all she could have a change of heart. Then we have just been trying to street contact more and talk to more people. I got a little sick on Wednesday but then I was feeling fine. Then on Friday we were in a trio because Sister Perry had to go be companions with the comp of a sister who had surgery. So we had Sister King with us. We stopped by a member that night that we hadn't met before and they gave us 2 referrals! It was awesome. Sadly though this family believes in playing sports on Sunday so they aren't at church all that much. Don't do sports on sunday its not worth it!
Then that night we went to take Sister King back. There was some drama going on at the members house that they live with because the dad lost his job and relatives were in town. So then Sister Perry and Sister King spent the night at our house. We just have a room at the back of the house so we had our bunk beds and then a king size blow up mattress that took up most of the floor space. Sister Perry and I probably stayed up too late talking but ya it is rare that you get to have a sleep over with other missionaries. Then Sister Perry was feeling sick that morning so we got out of the house late. We went to a meeting and then my comp was having a hard day so we went and got ice cream just before lunch. Then we went back to the house and waited for the other sister to get there so we could get them something to eat. Then 2 other sisters came over. One of them had been struggling and is trying to decide if she should go home so we ended up have like a group therapy session. Then after dinner I took Sister Shipman and King back out to work. The days were your normal schedule get thrown off are always so weird. And to end the week off I am sick again and so that is no fun. So this week was interesting but good things happened too. I am probably going to go home and sleep now so I can try to get better. Love you all!

-Sister Washburn

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