Monday, April 7, 2014

Good Things Can Come Out of Setbacks

This week was hard but good, but still hard, but good things happened. A lot of our appointments fell through and our investigators went MIA. (probably due to the fact that it was spring break) We were able to talk to a lot of people though. Even a random Mexican guy who I spoke a little spanish to and he started going off in spanish and I understood enough to realize that he was asking me out! Eww, basically I shoved a pass-along card in his hand and was like "okay bye." 
We had a really cool experience on our way to a less actives. We parked around the corner because she lives in some apartments. On our way over I saw this teenage girl in front of her house on her phone. We stopped and started talking to her. At first she was like, "I already go to another Christian church." But the more we talked to her the more she told us about how she wishes she had more direction in her life and how the other girls at her church go on Sunday but they aren't very good people. We told her about how our church believes in living our religion and trying to become like Jesus Christ. We even ended up talking about baptism. Basically by the end of our conversation she was really interested and we set up a return appointment and she said that she was going to invite her friend over to learn more too. It was so cool! We are going to see her this week, so hopefully all goes well. 
We also went by a potential that missionaries had met before. We knocked on her door and she hadn't remembered talking to missionaries. She said she was a devoted catholic, but the more we talked to her the more she opened up about how she wished there was more goodness in the world and that she could understand God's will better. She basically had a bunch of questions that the plan of salvation answers. So we were able to set up another visit with her to teach her more of the plan of salvation so we should be seeing her this week too. 
We also visited a part member family. We talked to the dad and the 2 teenage boys. One of the boy's girlfriend was over and we ended up talking about conference and church things and she had a lot of questions. We ended up teaching her most of the plan of salvation. It was a really good experience. She's been taught by the missionaries before and her family members are strong Catholics (as usual) but the spirit was definitely there as we talked. The wife who isn't a member and is an alcoholic also joined in the conversation for a while. 
And we invited some other people we talked to on the street to watch conference (2 of them were neighbors of some members). So hopefully they watched and felt the spirit, so that when we follow-up (remember Elder Ballard's talk?) we can teach them more. Conference was the best!! On saturday the singles ward fed us breakfast and some members fed us all lunch. On sunday everyone did their own thing but since we live with the Leazenby's they fed us too. Conference is pretty much just under Christmas for missionaries. We all have to go to the stake center to watch it so we get to see everyone in our zone. Their were also some Anaheim missionaries there because their spanish branch is in our stake (its weird). They have ipads in that mission and they were just whipping those things out all over the place. But I'm over caring about ipads, so it was whatever. I loved conference. I loved Elder Holland's talk. That was a crazy story about the sister missionaries. The worst thing I have ever had was someone being rude and yelling at us.  I loved President Uchtdorf's about how gratitude is a way of being not just numbering off things you have. I also liked Elder Bednar's about spiritual traction, how burdens in life help us come closer to Christ. I also really liked the one about Joseph Smith and how he received revelation and restored the church. Also Elder Christofferson's about Christ's resurrection was really good. I loved so many of the talks, there were just so many good things said.It was also good to see President Monson back to his usual self because at the last conference he was still getting over his wife passing. Something that really struck me this conference was that fact that the prophet and the apostles are special witnesses of Christ. When we explain to people why it is important to have a prophet one of the reasons is that they testify of Christ and help us to believe that he lives. All of the speakers testified of Him and His divinity. It is so powerful to have all of those solid witnesses that Jesus is the Christ. It is amazing to be set apart as a representative of Him and to be able to teach and testify to those we meet that Christ lives and that He has prepared a way for us to return to Him. I love being able to also bear witness of Him. 
Love you all!

-Sister Washburn

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