Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4 New Investigators!!

This week we were so blessed to get 4 new investigators!!! It was crazy that is the best I have ever had my whole mission (in Huntington beach it took a whole month to find 4 investigators). One was the girl we contacted last week. Her name is Maribel and we had a lesson with her and her sister. They seemed really interested and were excited to read the Book of Mormon and pray. They said they were going to come to church but ended up not being able to. So hopefully they will really commit to learning and everything. 
Another was a referral we got from missionaries who had contacted this guy named Mark. We were able to set up an appointment with him and had a short lesson with him. It was funny cause when we first met him he was smoking and has a bunch of tattoos and was playing it all cool but, we got him to really open up to us and he is really just a nice goofy guy. He has had a crazy past but really wants to change and become better. He is singles ward age though so we will have to pass him off to the elders in the YSA ward.
Then the 4th person we found is a lady named Terry. I was on exchanges with Sister Andelin and we contacted her. She was just sitting in her garage and we ended up teaching her the entire first lesson. She said she had always wondered if there was one right church because she has been around so many different churches in her life. So we are excited to be able to get to teach her more.
Exchanges were good as always since I always learn so much from Sister Andelin. It was super hot that day so I think that I got kind of over heated so I just have to make sure I am drinking a lot more water and stuff. 
A few random things that happened this week: We were talking to this Indian guy and he gave us a bunch of lowquats off off of his tree in his yard for us to take home. (I had never heard of those before) Also, we went by a potential who happened to be a Biola alumni (Biola is this christian college and they love bashing with Mormons and trying to prove us wrong) and she was actually really nice (but not interested) and gave us these huge chocolate chip cookies to take with us. Sister Shipman and I were visiting a less active and somehow they both figured out that they like playing dungeons and dragons and so, I sat there for like 30 minutes while they fangirled over it and I had no idea what they were talking about. 
Other than that this week was kinda hard for me. I've just been having a little trouble with my comp because she isn't very good at communicating with me or helping me make decisions. But I love her and I want to help her and I have been talking to Sister Andelin about it because she is my STL and so she is going to help us work things out. But every companionship has its bumps so I'm sure things will work out especially because she wants to change, she just doesn't know how. 
But this week was so good. It has been crazy how many people have been willing to listen to us lately even if they don't end up set up a return appointment, we at least get them thinking more about the gospel and how important it is to have a relationship with God.

Love you all!!
-Sister Washburn

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