Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Comp, Investigators & Service

So a lot happened this week. On Tuesday Sister George and I woke up really early to go take Sister Okanoue (one of my old companions) to the airport. It was so weird because President and all of the other missionaries that were going home were there. There was also my trainer Sister Reinsch, one of my old zone leaders, and a few other sisters I knew. It was crazy that in just a few hours they would be back at home sitting in their parent's houses as normal people. And it was crazy because I realized that that will be me in 4 months!! Then later that same day I went to go pick up my greenie. My new companion is Sister Culala. She's from the Phillipines. This is her first time in the U.S. Its funny because America is a lot different from where she lives. She hasn't ever really driven in a car, they don't have washing machines where she lives so she thinks they are really cool. Also the other morning she pointed to the toaster and says "Sister Washburn, do you just put bread in here and it cooks it?" It reminds me of when I trained Sister Le.
This week was really busy with training meetings and stuff and it has been super humid which is gross. But we have been working hard. We have a new investigator which is the 9 yr old son of a less active family in our ward. Gotta love 9 yr old investigators. It is actually really fun to teach him because we get good practice teaching simply and he is really excited to learn and answer questions. We also had some good contacts. We contacted this British guy who was atheist but we actually had a long conversaion about the church, making good choices, the atonement. He wasn't too interested at the end, but you never know maybe some day. We also contacted this guy smoking outside his house who the gospel could totally bless his life. He said he had lots of questions about religion and we said we had lots of answers. He wouldn't commit to a specific return appointment but we'll stop by again and see if he's interested.
We did some service for this family in our ward this week. They were redoing the siding in their house and so we helped Sister Spencer to take nails out of all of the old boards so that they could throw them away. It was good to do some real service that we haven't been able to do in a long time.
There are about 5 Phillipino families in our ward so they were pretty excited to meet Sister Culala. One of the families invited us over and gave us some food (which was pretty good). Also they gave us some referrals for thier Phillipino friends. So we are excited about that.
Also Robert Ruiz (our recent convert) got the preisthood last week. It was so cool we got to sit in on the ordination. I realized that it was the first time I saw someone be ordained to the preisthood so it was cool that it was my recent convert!!
I have been studying about faith and hope lately. They are mentioned a lot together in the scripture along with charity. These really are the bascis of missionary work. To love those we serve, to hope and trust in God's promises, and to have the faith to try our hardest and be diligent so that God can guide and bless us. I know that God tries our faith and help us learn to put our faith in Him, the one thing that will never fail us. We can find hope through His atonement and through His promise of helping us to overcome all to return to Him. I love our Savior and am so grateful for the hope He gives us.
Love you all!!

-Sister Washburn

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