Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Change Someones Life, Every Day

This week has been crazy. I didn't realize how the ward boundary changes would bring so many changes. We had to trade investigators (sadly we didn't get any new ones), figure out who are the new less actives and recent converts in our area (we don't get a ward directory until next sunday), and meet over half of the ward since we don't know them. Also our ward got all new leadership and everyone got new callings on sunday so it is a lot all at once. I kind of feel like we are whitewashing the area (thats when two missionaries are put in an area that neither of them have been in before). So it will probably still be crazy this week but it will be good.


We have been doing a lot of finding lately but we still haven't found anyone new to teach. We had exchanges this week and i was talking to my STL (sister training leader) about how this area has been hard lately. As we were talking I realized that there have been some good things that have come out of it. I have gotten a lot better at contacting and using all of the different ways of finding. Our companionship has gotten more unified since we have been able to focus on our needs a little bit more like being more exactly obedient and making the changes we need to be a little better everyday. I still feel like the Lord really is guiding me and is mindful of me. Sometimes patience is hard to have but one of our APs told us that the numbers don't matter, what matters is if every day you can say that you changed a life that day.  I know that we really do influence a lot of people whether it is random people that we talk with on the street that we pray with or remind them that God loves them. Visiting with recent converts and helping them to learn more about the gospel and to aim for gaining a stronger testimony and eventually making it to the temple. Talking with less actives and try to help them re-build thier faith and commitment so that they can realize the potential that God sees in them.


Also today we went to the Newport beach temple (which is why I am writing on tuesday) It is a really beautiful temple in a really rich neighborhood. I love love love the temple! I wish we could go more as missionaries. I love how much peace I can feel there and how it really is a haven from the world.

I know that the Lord is preparing people and we will eventually find them!!! This area is great, I have a lot of pictures from people who aren't in our ward anymore (i promise that I have been taking pictures, one of these days I will find acess to a good computer on p-day so i can send some)


My companions are awesome. Sister Phillips is super motivated to get out and work everyday which I need since every once in a while I'm not that excited about a long day of work. Sister Robson and I are getting along a lot better. and have become really good friends. She has been through a lot and has come such a long way in just the time that I have been her companion. I feel like this transfer has taught me a lot and that the Lord keeps building me into the missionary that he wants me to be. I love you all!!!

-Sister Washburn

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