Monday, November 18, 2013

There Is A Frist Time For Everything

So this week is transfers. We transferred every 6 weeks. And I'm training!!! I'm getting a new missionary that I pick up tomorrow. So it will be my first time training by myself, first time as senior companion, and first time driving. So it will be kind of crazy but I am excited. I am staying here in fountain valley so that is good. This week we just were trying to meet more of the new people in our ward. Some random facts about this week:

1. California drivers are crazy. Also they love using their horns. I have never seen so many people get honked at in my life.

2. Having a companion from the south is a lot of fun. Especially when she says things like "I'm more tired than a mongoose." or "She's wilder than a road lizard." Its quite entertaining.

3. Never put a breadstick in the microwave for a minute. On sunday I was hungry so I was heating up a frozen breadstick that a member gave us. Well it somehow caught on fire in the microwave but I realized that the microwave was smoking so I turned it off. We had to open up all the doors and windows in our apartment to get all of the smoke out. Then when we got to church people kept telling us that we smelled like burned toast. So yep that was a memorable experience.

4. Our ward mission leader is new (not the one we had in our old ward but he is awesome). He is a convert and he grew up in the Bronx.

5. One of the ladies in our ward makes really really good orange rolls. She  gave us some the other night and we ate them for breakfast. I love those so much.

6. One of our recent converts took us to this really good fish taco place that is down in huntington beach like a block from the beach. I've never had fish tacos before but they were really good.

I am going to pick up my greenie tomorrow. Also I am going to send you some pictures soon.

Love you

Sister Washburn

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