Monday, December 9, 2013

Looking for Miracles

Thank you so much for the packages!!! I loved the tree and everything so thank you to everyone who sent the ornaments I loved them!! Basically I have the best family in the world, just sayin. This week was really busy. We had a great lesson with our investigator Ali! You could tell that she really recognizes God's hand in her life and how he has led her to where she needs to be. Also we assigned her a chapter to read and a few days later when we stopped by to see her she had already read it and wanted us to assign her more! But sadly she is singles ward age and since we know she needs the fellowship from people her age we had to pass her off to the singles ward elders (story of my life). But that is okay because I know we will find someone!! We had a really good training about helping members to invite friends to activities. In our mission 85% of the people that get baptized are members referrals. We talked about how a lot of times when people have the missionaries over and they ask for referrals the members feel really guilty and they don't know what they need to do to do missionary work. But all they need to do is invite their friends to something. Even if their friends say no thats okay, they still did missionary work. We aren't expecting members to have someone ready for baptism but to just invite people. Anyways christmas on the mission is awesome!!! You get to focus so much more on Christ since you don't have to worry about all of the extra activities. I already feel like I can feel the christmas spirit so much more because Christmas is really about the miracle it was that Christ was born and he lived a perfect life and he died for us so that we can have  hope to overcome our mistakes. Sister Le and I got Pho this week (its the most popular vietnamese dish) and it was really good!! Sometimes being a trainer is hard because I want her to become really good at everything. It definately makes me realize all of my weaknesses. But I think I am learning just as much as she is about becoming a better missionary!! Sister Le is funny sometimes she says english words wrong like she called her scarf a scrap and chef a chief. Its great. ALso I have to teach her words like chimney (she didn't know thats how santa gave the presents) and ghetto (a potential we went by lived in a more run down area). In vietnam they don't really celebrate christmas since everyone is buddhist so it have been fun teaching her all about christmas (she already knew some things). In our zone we have been looking for the miracles that happen everyday and at night we text each other our miracle for the day. It has helped me a lot to really notice all the good things that happen each day even if our numbers are low. LOVE YOU ALL!!! Merry Christmas!!

-Sister washburn

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