Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving and the Atonement

Hello everyone!

This was a crazy week. For thanksgiving we had our district meeting in the morning, then weekly planning and then we got to go to as many dinner appointments in the evening as we wanted. We went to a family in our ward name the Wells. The food was so good and they are a super great family. We also went with Sister Wells to visit a lady in the nursing home near by which was cool. Then after that we went back to their house and had pie and watched the kids play some games. Then around 7 we went and visited a less active. Her husband passed away a while back and she visited some family in the afternoon but she said she would be home alone in the evening. It was good to visit her and keep her company. We helped her make an apple pie and she told us that she considers us family, so that was neat. This week was a lot easier companionship wise since Sister Le is getting a lot more used to everything and we are becoming friends more. She has been able to talk to some Vietnamese people lately which is really cool. She is teaching me how to say the name of the church in Vietnamese. It is really long and sounds like Chinese so its kind of funny to say.  Our new investigator was sick when we went by this week. We ended up talking to her dad and uncle for a long time and answering a lot of their questions about our church which was really cool. We invited them to learn more but they said they weren't interested in committing to something right now. Even though it could change their life forever! (agency) We are working hard in our area so hopefully we keep finding more people to teach. This Sunday was kind of rough. An awesome family in our ward had their dad pass away suddenly from a heart attack (he was only 45) on saturday. At church there was definitely a damper on things and people would randomly be crying in class or in the hallways. It was really sad because he was an amazing guy. He would always shake our hands when he saw us at church and talk to us because he has a son on a mission so he loved talking to the missionaries. It just makes you grateful for the plan of salvation because without the gospel the loss would be so much harder. I am excited that it is December. People go way out with the christmas lights and decorations so we have seen a lot of cool houses already. Also today is my 6 month mark!! I can't believe I only have a year left, it really goes by fast. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about how the atonement really helps us in all areas of our lives. It really does help our natures to change as we focus on becoming like Christ and doing what he wants us to do. Its not just for when we sin but it is for helping us to overcome all of the obstacles that are in our way and all aspects of the natural man that we want to overcome. The atonement really can change our hearts and desires if we are willing to let the Lord work with us and to strengthen us. Well I love you all!!!

-Sister Washburn

With Sister Le


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