Monday, December 30, 2013


Christmas was great!! It was so good to get to skype with you guys, for sure the highlight of my Christmas. After we skyped we met the rest of our zone at the church. We played some games and ate pizza and then we played volleyball for a while. After that we watched Ephriam's Rescue which was pretty good (it was so weird to get to watch a movie). Then we went over to a member's house for dinner. The dad had deep fried a turkey which was pretty good and they had a lot of their relatives over so that was fun. And that was our Christmas. The next day we got back to work. 

This week has been super hard to meet with people though since it has been the holidays. We did have a good lesson with the Blakes on Sunday. They committed to coming to church this week. We taught the plan of salvation and they asked lots of questions and they were really excited to open up their books of mormon and follow along with all of the scriptures that we used. It was great, I love teaching them!! 

We got transfer calls this week and Sister Le and I are staying here in Fountain Valley. I was glad because I feel like the work is starting to pick up here and so I want to keep working hard to hopefully get a baptism soon. We are moving into the Hoke's house (the members with the million dollar home), so I will send some pics once we are moved in. We gave short talks during the third hour of church because our ward mission leader was presenting the ward mission plan. Sister Le was really nervous to get up in front of the entire ward to speak but she did a great job (I was a proud mother). 

Also another Sister Le -ism, I was cold during morning studies so i had a hoodie on, my skirt, and some fuzzy socks. I asked sister Le what people would say if I walked around outside and she was like "Ugh, you look like mafia." So apparently mafia means weird in vietnamese, so now anytime we see someone doing something weird we're like "ugh, mafia." Maybe you had to be there but I think it is funny. 

Well hopefully this will be a good week! I am excited to keep learning and to have a whole year left of my mission to do work! Have a good new years!!

Love you all!!

-Sister Washburn


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