Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Movin' on Up and the Power of Prayer

This week was crazy but great! So neither of us got transferred but we did end up moving into the Hoke's house. This house is so awesome!!
1. The Hokes said we can eat with them anytime we don't have a dinner appointment. They also have chickens so we don't have to buy eggs.
2. We have a washer and dryer IN OUR HOUSE!!!! Its the most beautiful thing ever. We live in the "mother-in-law" quarters so we have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry area. 
3. Did I mention that it was nice? basically we are spoiled living here and we are so grateful!!
Our investigators came to church this week!!! All three of the Blakes came and it was so great. They were all dressed up and looked like members and even brought their books of mormon and everything (a couple people asked if they had just moved into the ward and we were like "no their investigators, who apparently already look like members.") Testimony meeting was really good and Michael loved primary and I think they all had a good experience. We have a lesson with them this week to get them started on quitting smoking so hopefully it goes well.
Also Sister White came back here to visit!! I loved getting to see her. It was just like old times and Sister Le got to meet her mission grandmother. 
We also went out with Kaitlin again this week (she lives in a different ward but comes with us since there aren't sisters in her ward, so I don't think I'm in the usevitch's grandma's ward) and she bore a really good testimony in a lesson we had with Sister Curtner. We also talked to the awesome young womens president in our ward about helping the young women do missionary work so we are going to talk to them in yws or mutual soon. Young women are the best so I'm excited.
New Years Eve and New Years day were just normal days for us. The work was kinda slow again due to the holidays but were were able to visit more less actives then we thought and we got to know a few more members we haven't met. 
This week I have been really seeing the power of prayer and praying for specific things. I have a lot of goals of things that I want to get better at this transfer but sometimes I think I overwhelm myself with wanting to all of a sudden be good at everything. Sometimes I don't know what to do or how to figure things out. Everytime I pray though I feel like everything is going to work out and I get ideas of things I can do to start working on whatever it is I'm trying to do. When I pray for specific things it helps me to focus and when I take time to listen, Heavenly father always helps me to think of what I can do. It has really been a testimony builder that Heavenly Father is always listening and wants to help us in anyway he can. For most of my life I've never really taken that much time to listen and to wait for what Heavenly Father wants to tell me. It really makes a difference when I don't just do all of the talking but when I also listen because that is when inspiration comes. I am excited for this transfer and for all that Sister Le and I are going to try to accomplish!! Thanks for your prayers!!

Sister Washburn

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