Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the Good and the Bad

This week was kinda up and down, some good things happened and some not so good things happened.
First the bad things: 
I ended up getting even more sick. I think it was because I kept pushing through being sick and still trying to work that finally my body was worn out and I think I caught something else on top of it. Basically I laid in bed all day but it helped a lot. I also had the elders give me a blessing and so that helped too. We weren't able to get as much done as a result but at least I am feeling better! Then on Sunday a few hours before church the Blakes called and told us that they don't want to take the lessons anymore. Worst phone call ever, we were so sad. They just feel overwhelmed with a lot of things going on in their life and I guess they thought the lessons were going to fast. So ya they said they would still come to church sometimes and they are not closing the door they just need some time. I think that they will eventually join the church but now's just not the time. So that is too bad but oh well, I know that the Lord will lead to those who are prepared.

The good things that happened this week:
I got to go on exchanges with my sister training leader and I got to leave my area and go to hers which is in huntington beach. It was really nice to get out of my area for a change. Also its crazy how our areas are like 5 miles apart but their area has a totally different feel. Its a lot more beachy and people are a lot less conservative than in our area and a lot more people will talk to you cause a lot of them are chill, go with the flow surfer type people. So we had a good exchange and even found them a new investigator! The Saturday session of conference was all about missionary work and so all of the missionaries in our stake sang Called to Serve and the end. It was really fun and I think a lot of people liked getting to see all of the missionaries sing. Then we also got to go to the temple today. It was so good. I just love how the temple gives you such a strong feeling of peace, more than anywhere else, and how you feel a lot closer to heavenly father there. 

We have been trying to do a lot of finding in our area. Now that we don't have any investigators we are really trying to find new people to teach so hopefully we will soon. Our zone has been focusing a lot lately on prayer and listening to the spirit. We have been praying multiple times a day that the Lord will lead us and that we will be in the right places at the right time so that we can meet the people he has prepared. We are also going to try to focus on really working with the members. In our area a lot of investigators come from less actives or member referrals so we really want them to help us find people to teach as well. It has been cool to see how members are really trying to switch their mindset to being more missionary minded. We just had dinner with a family who was telling them that they try to bring the church up in conversations more like not just saying they are christian but saying they are mormon. Or when people compliment them on how good their children are they say "that 's what I love about my church" how it gives them good morals. Stake conference on sunday was broadcast from Salt Lake and President Eyring, ELder Anderson, and a few other leaders spoke and it was really good. 
Thanks for all of the encouragement and your prayers. I know that this is the Lord's work and that is He is always with us and wants us to succeed. Our AP used to say that every small act of good that we do sends forth a ripple effect in the pools of eternity. I know that the Lord sees our efforts and that every small act of good that we do makes a difference.
Love you all!!!!!

Sister Washburn

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