Monday, January 27, 2014

Member Missionaries

This week was a lot better. We were able to work a lot more and I am feeling way better. We have been focusing a lot lately on working with the members. Most of the investigators that get baptized in our stake come from member referrals. It can be kind if hard though because all of the members are at different levels. Some have literally no friends that aren't members. Some are really shy and even doing small things takes them out of their comfort zones. Some have people in mind and they are doing things to friendship them but it takes time before they invite them to church. But the important thing is that everyone tries to do something even if it is small. And missionary work doesn't have to be handing out Books of Mormon or getting everyone to come to church right away. It can be little conversations where you mention what you believe or even just telling someone you are a member or inviting a friend to mutual. So yep working with the members is great. A little hard because its not like knocking or contacting where you go out and do it, instead you just have to hope that they act and take advantage of missionary opportunities. But we are trying to change the culture of missionary work to really involve members a lot more. I just have to remember that we are the first generation of missionaries where member missionary work has been strongly stressed so it is going to take a while for everyone to become more missionary minded. So ya nothing to crazy happened this week we just got to know some more of the members and stopped by some of the ones that we have already challenged to do things. We are also trying to bring more members out with us during the week. We have some young women coming out with us soon so that will be fun. We gave a short missionary spiritual thought in YWs and I told them about Eric and how just inviting someone to seminary or an activity can make a big difference.
Love you all!

-Sister Washburn 
                                                          Our Zone at the temple
                                             Sister Le eating her first ever taco
                                    My two favorite zone leaders Elder George and Elder Gallagher
                                   our neighbor got jealous of our toyota corolla so they bought one too!

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