Monday, June 30, 2014

Great Week!!!

So this week was really crazy because so much happened. On Monday we had 2 FHEs. We had it with a new family in the ward and then we had fhe with our investigator Jesse his girlfriend who is recently reactivated and her 7 yr old son and a family from the ward. We had cut outs of the tree of life dream and for the activity we tied rope around in the YWs room and they had to follow it in the dark and me and my comp were trying to get them to let go by saying things like "we have candy" "we"ll give you a million dollars" "free tickets to Knotts Berry farm." I think that the families really liked it. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday I was sick. Since we live with a member I stayed home with her and my comp went out with another sister. I had just gotten new medicine for my sinus infection and it wiped me out. But now I am way way better so I think I am finally over that nasty sinus infection. 
We finished teaching the commandments to Robert. He is doing so well. He has just totally been prepared because he is so willing to do whatever the Lord asks of him and wants to follow the commandments. We went over the baptismal questions and so he should be good to go for his baptism on Sunday!! We are so excited for him! Also he talked to his parents the other day and they said that if this church makes him happy then they are glad for him. That was so cool because he was so worried about how they were going to react because they are strong Catholics. 
Also this week there was a baptism in my old ward that I really really really wanted to go too. It was the son in law of a family I love and so I wanted to go and to get to see people from the ward. But in order to go we had to bring an investigator. We asked all of our investigators and none of them could go. So then we were asking everyone all over the place. Like literally we asked everyone but no one could come. So 2 hours before the baptism on Saturday one of our investigators called and said they could come and then like 20 minutes before another investigator said she wanted to come. Miracles happen people!! It was a great baptism and it was fun to get to see everyone and most importantly our investigators both really felt the spirit. 
Sister George is great. I can't remember what I told you about her in the last letter but she is from Rexburg Idaho. She is a quadruplet and one of her other sisters is on a mission in South Africa. She already graduated and was working as a nurse before her mission. She a good missionary and we get along pretty well. Our teaching styles are really different so that has been kinda hard to get more on the same page but it will work out just fine. 
So things are moving right along and are going really well. It is amazing to me how easy it is to talk to people on the streets here and everyone has been so nice so far. It's weird. But awesome. But there are also some crazy people. 
But overall I just know that God just so totally knows us. I feel like I have had so many tender mercies after coming to this area, I mean coming to this area in the first place was a tender mercy. The Lord is always guiding us through the hard times and the good, because there are things we need to learn in every moment. This week I got a blessing for being sick and in the blessing it said that the Lord knows my struggles and has given me trails at certain times so that I can learn the things he wants me to learn. I know that as we trust in the Lord's timing He will make more of us than we could ever make of ourselves. Love you All!!
-Sister Washburn

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