Monday, June 9, 2014

The Price of Dsicipleship

This week was kinda crazy. We had a short exchange one of the mornings this week and so i got to go out and contact a bunch with one of my STLs. Stake conference was this week. They talked a lot about member missionary work and doing family history work which was awesome. I was on family search the other day and the new thing they have to add pictures and stories is so cool! I was reading about our relative Abraham Washburn and how he knew Joseph Smith pretty well and all of the other cool things he did. You guys should really check it out because there is a lot of stuff already on there about our relatives. Also on Wednesday it was my year mark! I can't believe it, 2/3 of the way done. Everyone says the last part of your mission flies by and I believe it. I'm grateful to have 6 months left on my mission though because I have been learning a ton and still have work to do. 
My comp and I have been trying to get back in the swing of things after being sick and so we have been trying to really talk to more people. But it seems like satan doesn't like us or something because we ran into a ton of rude people. A bunch of people we talked to would be really nice but the second we brought up our church they would suddenly end the conversation and usually yell some bible scripture at us as we were going away. This one guy started yelling at us saying that we believed in the devil and that we followed the wrong Jesus. Then we were giving service for this member's daughter-in-law. She started asking me questions like "why did you want to come on a mission?" and stuff and I was like sweet, missionary moments- and I didn't have to be the one to bring it up! But every answer I gave wasn't right. I said that the gospel changed my life and has brought me a lot of happiness and that's why I wanted to come on a mission. She was like "well since you said you grew up in the church, it couldn't have really changed your life, you just don't know anything else." And so on and so forth. I was like "what the heck woman, we are cleaning your house!" But ya she kept telling me that i didn't need to worry about being saved that I didn't need to do all of these "works" because I can just call on the name of Jesus and I'll be fine. It was kinda annoying. The whole point of life is doing good works, following Christ's example of obedience to God's commandments so that when we stand before God at the last day to be judged we will be like Him. 
That night I was lying in bed thinking about what had happened. Part of me was like "Heavenly Father why do I keep going out everyday and talking to people and they just reject what we say." I was thinking about it and about Elder Holland's talk in conference about defending what we believe and how the path of discipleship is never easy. I thought about how ultimately every time I share what I believe I don't regret it. Ya its sad that people don't care or think we are wrong, and it can hurt sometimes to share something so amazing and important to you and have people just brush it aside or yell in your face. But there are people out there, and I know there are people here in our 5 block area of Cypress, that need to hear this. They need to feel the hope that the atonement brings, they need to feel peace through the holy ghost, the need to know that there is a better way to live that will help them avoid misery and sorrow and will eventually lead them back to Heavenly Father. So all these annoying people are worth it to find those who are prepared. My comp and I started working even harder after all this happened which I am really happy about because it could have been so much easier to slack off or assume people we see probably aren't interested or will just want to bash with us. But we are going to keep trying our best so that we can find people to teach. In stake conference one of the speakers talked about how the Lord already knows who is ready for the gospel and so in sharing it we can't mess up. If we just open our mouths and talk to people, those that are ready to hear will want to know more. We don't have to have a flawless delivery or say just the right thing so convincingly. We just have to open our mouths and the Lord will help us out. I love the gospel. It just makes so much sense. I love that God loves us so much and that Jesus Christ showed us the way to live and died for us to make the plan of salvation possible. We taught a family in our ward the plan of salvation this week and it reminded me how lucky we are to understand god's plan for us and to have an eternal perspective. Life can be hard but the gospel makes it all worth it. I know that the Lord is in His work and that as we do what He asks He will always keep His promises to us.
Love you all! Have a good week!

-Sister Washburn

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