Monday, June 16, 2014

Lots of Appointments & Changing Wards

This week was really good. We had lots of teaching appointments. Even though some of them were just teaching members I think that they are starting to get a lot more missionary minded just in the small time we have been working with them. We taught this single mom and her son the lessons and she really appreciated it. She recently got divorced and her son has been struggling a little so she really loved getting to hear the restoration lesson and have that good influence for her son. 
We also talked to a TON of people. We started passing out family history pass along cards to people who are already really religious. It has been working great because sometimes they just aren't interested in letting us talk about what we believe but they will let us talk about their ancestors and how they can learn more about them. Also getting non members to do family history is like double hastening of the work so that is cool. I heard that family history is the number one hobby in america so a lot more people are interested in it than you think. 
We meet a few more less actives that we didn't know and they were really nice. One is an RM who graduated from BYU and his girlfriend isn't a member and they are super nice so hopefully we can get them to church. Also we met another guy who we thought didn't want contact from the church but as it turns out his daughter is really active and he wants us to come over for dinner. 
Sister Okanoue and I have just been working really hard and trying to recognize all of the things that we have to be grateful for. I think that helped us out a ton this week because we envisioned things working out and going better and they actually did. Also it helped us to realize all of the small tender mercies and good moments that we have everyday. I read President Uchtdorf's talk this week about being grateful in our circumstances. It just really hit me that a lot of times we are in situations where we are doing our best but maybe we aren't seeing amazing results. Even in those times there are still lots of great things happening.
Also we got a new investigator!!! Her name is Yvonne and we've gone by before and talked to her but she usually wanted to read the Book of Mormon but didn't really want the lessons. This time when we went by she told us she really wanted to come to church with us. We also ended up talking about baptism and she thought that it was really cool and sounded really interested and open to it all. We have a church tour scheduled with her this week so hopefully it all goes through! 
And then to end this great week we got transfer calls. And boy they were totally not what I expected. First of all we found out that they decided to take sister missionaries out of our ward. We were so sad to hear this because we just got together as companions and we really love the ward and there were a lot of members and single women we were working with. But our area is pretty small (there is only one ward smaller in our mission) and now that the Elders in our ward don't cover the singles ward anymore just our ward, there isn't as much work to go around. So we are sad but we realize that it has to happen. And then we found out that we are both getting moved to other wards in our same stake. So we are still going to be in the same zone and even the same district just different wards. So that is kind of cool but kind of weird at the same time. I am going to the Buena Park ward with Sister George who just finished her training. It took me a couple days to get over the fact that I am leaving but now I am starting to get excited. And since my old ward is so close I will probably still get to see people sometimes.  Hope you all have a good week!! Love ya!

-Sister Washburn

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